As a way to¬† perform squash and really strike the ball then you really have to have a squash racket. On this post we are going to be taking a look in the various squash rackets offered and how they’ve improved in excess of the time.

A squash racket is designed up of 3 sections:

one) The grip: This is the portion with the racket which you hold on to when playing.

two) The Shaft: The component with the racket that connects the grip into the head. This could be sound or use a ‘Y’ form.

3) The head: The element of the racket which makes contact with the ball. It is really produced up of criss-crossing string.

During the olden days, squash used to be performed with wooden squash rackets – certainly which is ideal – Wood! The outdated wood squash rackets commonly had a lesser head size. As a result of the fact that they were made from wooden, they tended to be heavier and would absorb drinking water. In the event you desired a lighter racket then you’d really have to sacrifice some toughness (use less wood) which may lead into a weaker racket.

Modern day rackets are made from considerably a lot more innovative resources, such as:


These new breed of rackets give larger strength, flexibility and produce extra energy although not sacrificing fat.

It can be unachievable to say what weight racket you can purchase – don’t hear any individual who suggests otherwise. You need to obtain a come to feel for various racket models and body weight. Racket body weight vary from close to a hundred and ten grams to 160-170 grams, even a little bit heavier.

Strings also participate in a vital part with a squash racket – and it can be not so much to perform while using the composition of the string though the tension the strings are beneath.

The upper the string tension, the significantly less they go once they make contact with the ball. This leads to fewer electricity but much more control.

The opposite is accurate with strings by using a lessen rigidity. They move extra whenever they come in contact with the ball resulting in additional electricity but significantly less manage.

Once you have the racket selection narrowed down, most coaches and players suggest you to order two in the exact rackets, using the theory remaining you have got two identical rackets – within the strings, the strain all of the way right down to the grip. The reasoning here remaining if a single racket breaks, you do have a clone to engage in with and you don’t need to waste time acquiring accustomed to one more racket.